MLB Cy Young Favorites and Dark Horse Picks


MLB Cy Young Favorites and Dark Horses

Odds to win the National League Cy Young Award and the American League Cy Young Award are on the board at the online sportsbook. Zack Greinke of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals are the two favorites to win the award in the NL while Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros is a slight favorite to win the award in the AL.  There are a number of dark horse candidates in both leagues that could steal away the award with a big second half.

Here is a look at the odds, favorites and dark horses.


2015 NL Cy Young Award Odds

Zack Greinke 6-5

Max Scherzer 2-1

Gerrit Cole 3-1

Michael Wacha 10-1

A.J. Burnett 12-1

Shelby Miller 18-1

Clayton Kershaw 20-1

Johnny Cueto 20-1

Madison Bumgarner 20-1

James Shields 25-1

Matt Harvey 25-1

Jake Arrieta 30-1

Jordan Zimmermann 40-1

Lance Lynn 40-1

Francisco Liriano 50-1


NL Cy Young Favorites and Dark Horses

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The race in the National League looks to be a great one with Greinke and Scherzer the clear favorites right now.  Greinke hasn’t allowed a run since June 13 and has an ERA of 1.39.  Scherzer has 150 strikeouts and a no-hitter but he has allowed four runs in four starts this season while Greinke has had just one bad start this season.  Scherzer does lead the league in WAR and even though Greinke has better overall numbers, Scherzer is right with Greinke as nearly a co-favorite.

Don’t forget about Clayton Kershaw as he could easily turn it on the second half and dominate opponents.  He has won the Cy Young award in the past and is the reigning MVP so he can’t be discounted.  Gerritt Cole is also worth a look as the Pirates are surging but at odds of 3-1 he doesn’t have the value of a normal dark horse.


2015 AL Cy Young Odds

Dallas Keuchel 9-5

Sonny Gray 2-1

Chris Sale 3-1

Felix Hernandez 7-1

Chris Archer 7-1

David Price 10-1

Scott Kazmir 40-1

Yovani Gallardo 60-1


AL Cy Young Favorites and Dark Horses

The race in the American League is also a good one as no one has run away with the award.  Keuchel is a slight favorite and he did start the All-Star game but Sale has outstanding numbers while Gray leads the American League in ERA.  The problem for Sale and Gray is that they both play on teams out of contention right now. Sale leads all AL Pitchers in WAR and he leads the league in strikeouts per nine innings.  Gray has outstanding numbers but the A’s are in last place and rarely does a pitcher from a last place team win the Cy Young.

There are three dark horse candidates worth considering in Hernandez, Archer and Price.  If the Mariners, Rays or Tigers make a second half surge into contention and their ace pitcher leads the way then a case could be made for that pitcher winning the Cy Young.  Each of the three has value with baseball betting odds of 7-1, 7-1 and 10-1.


Getting better at sports


Sport is a very important thing; it helps us become healthier, it makes us more social and helps us meet new people, and it helps us stay in shape. For all these reasons, people love other people who are great at sports, and that is not an easy thing. Getting good at some sport is extremely hard, but if you want to learn how to do it, this article is the perfect one for you, because we will show you some of the steps you need to take in order to excel in a sport of your own choosing.


sports-training-03Step 1 – Choose the right sport

You need to understand that not everyone was meant to be great at every single sport. Of course, there are people that appear to be great at everything they do, but that is only because the do things that they’re great at. So, you need to find a sport that is both mentally and physically good for you and that fits you perfectly. Just list the things you’re good at, and find a sport that requires those abilities. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find that to be a sport that most people love.


Step 2 – Start working out

There is no need for you to start hitting the gym right away, but just start paying more attention to your physique and your condition. Start jogging and that will help you get in better shape. After you’ve gotten yourself in some shape, you can start working out however you want: you can start going to the gym, start swimming, start running, etc. But the most important thing here is to be in good shape, because only then can you be great at some sport.


LF_SportSpecificTraining2Step 3 – Understand the sport

Now that you’ve picked a sport, you need to understand it thoroughly, in order to be truly great at it. Figure out all the rules of the game, and watch some shows or read books about it. Figure out what the best moves in this game are, and what is the easiest way to do them. Understand how the attack or defense is played and figure out what seems to be the driving force of this game.


Step 4 – Start training

sports-trainingWithout training, you can never be truly great at anything, and such is the case with sports. Training makes you better at it and helps you figure out the game better. Find a good trainer who will help you with this, and listen to everything he says, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Also, when you’re not training, try to think about the game and figure out all the things you didn’t get until now.

So, now that you’ve gotten all these steps down, you can really be great at a sport of your own choosing. As was mentioned, you just need to find the prefect sport for you, get in shape, understand the sport and train for it. After that, everything will fal into its place, and you’ll finally be good at sport.